Our Responsibility

Cannabis One products and brands offer an exceptional consumer experience and represent a level of quality and integrity that our customers, employees, and neighbors can trust.

Cannabis One’s strategy to create long-term value for shareholders is committed to prioritizing the health, safety, and well-being of our employees and customers.

At Cannabis One, corporate responsibility is more than a requirement – it’s a daily opportunity to live and showcase our values of quality, commitment, and honesty.

Our focus on being a great company means we are respected by neighbors, dependable partners, investors, and satisfied customers.

Whether it’s giving back to the communities where we operate, supporting an important cause, or acting in a way that exceeds expectations, we’re always looking for opportunities to give back while propelling our team forward.

Consumer education is extremely important for ensuring the safety of consumers and the long-term viability of the cannabis market.

Cannabis One ensures all dispensary staff are highly knowledgeable about each product being sold within the dispensary and are capable of providing guidance to customers.

This includes information about how the products are made, dosing, effects, potential allergens, legal allowances, and proper storage.

The staff are not medical professionals and offer no medical advice.

In addition, all dispensary employees are encouraged to participate in continuing education classes.

When shopping at The Joint, all customers are advised to store cannabis products in the provided child-resistant packaging and to keep these sealed containers out of the reach of children.

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Phone: 1-720-399-0599
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